Focusing on Top Quality,
Registered & Commercial Grade
Bucks & Does Purebred and High Percentage
Boer, Savanna & Kiko Breeds

Also accepting Rams & Ewes, both Open and Bred,
Katahdin, PolyPay, Ile de France, Dorper, Suffolk
Wool Sheep & Hair Sheep



Held the 3rd Friday
1:00 pm

Catalog Deadline:
June 30th

Catalogs are usually mailed out approximately
2 weeks prior to sale date. In 2024 due to the new location, catalogs will only be available at the site day of sale.


Friday, July 26, 2024

Begins at 1:00 pm
Held at
Daniel Borkholder Farm, 1203 Larch Ave,  Kalona IA 52247.

Commerical Grade Bucks are sold first

Registered Purebred Bucks and Bucklings follow

Does and Doelings complete the sale, both open and bred

Sale Guidelines

• If selling does or ewes as bred, they should be confirmed pregnant.

• No animals with visible abscesses accepted to sell with the groups of quality animals.

• Animals should be de-wormed prior to sale.

•  Committee reserves the right to reject non-qualifying animals.

Auction Resources

• Veterinarian will be on grounds to provide health papers for all Iowa animals.

• Auctioneer will make day of sale announcements for any animals.

• Agents available day of sale to bid on behalf of buyers unable to attend.

• We have a list of truckers who are authorized to haul out of state.


Sale Requirements

• All animals must have identification numbers
(Scrapie tags)

• Out of state breeders must have proof of negative TB Brucellosis test to sell reproductive animals.

Catalog Guidelines

Each Consignor Farm receives:
•  2 lines regarding operation or herd, listed with first buck
• 1 photo with buck lots and 1 photo with doe lots, regardless of # lots
•  2 line per animal for genetics, ie: sires, dams, etc.
• 2 lines per animal for descriptions and animal records

Extra photos / info will require advertising, which may be paid from sales!

 Midwest Sheep & Goat Exchange Board:

Goat Consignments: Alfred Miller

Sheep Consignments: Joseph Ropp

Mark Schlabach – 2358 520th St SW, Kalona IA 52247 – 319.683.2415

Daniel Borkholder – 2077 540th St SW, Kalona IA 52247 – 319.656.5390

Butch Sowers – toggmanbutch@gmail.com – 515.209.9265


Commission: 8%

Catalog advertising available, which can be deducted from sales along with commission fees.

No Show Penalty: Registered Animals – $25
Individual Animals – $15,            Group – $10

* Exceptions made for death or disease only


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