COVID 19 UPDATE – We are planning on holding the November Sale as usual.
Consignments are being accepted at the present time.
To ensure they are included in our catalog, please have forms turned in by Thursday Oct. 1

Focusing on High Production, Quality,
Registered & Grade Does & Doelings and
Quality Registered Young Dairy Bucks


Held the 2nd Tuesday
10:30 am

Catalog Deadline:
Sept. 30, 2019


Held the Last Tuesday
10:30 am

Catalog: Deadline:
April 15, 2019

May 26, 2020

Begins at 10:30 am
Held at the
Washington County Fairground,
2225 250th St, Washington IA 52353.

Registered Does and those eligible for registration sell first

Registered Doelings and those eligible for registration follow

Grade Does, followed by Grade Doelings from herds with 9# average

Registered Young Bucks and Bucklings complete the sale

Doe Guidelines

Does over 4 years of age are not accepted unless herd dispersal or registered with qualifying records.

If selling does as pregnant, they should be confirmed pregnant.


Buck Guidelines

Registered bucks accepted at any age, if healthy and structurally sound. Pedigrees should accompany bucks.

Herd Guidelines

Herd / Individual Milk Production Records required. SCC / Herd Average should exceed 9# peak.

No animals with visible abscesses accepted.

Animals should be dewormed prior to sale.

Sale Requirements

All animals must have identification numbers
(Scrapie tags)

Out of state breeders must have proof of negative TB Brucellosis test to sell reproductive animals.

New Feature at Spring Sale

  – Select Buck Sale!

The board will be inviting top producers to nominate their herd’s best buckling or yearling for a special SELECT segment, to be held between the sales of does and registered bucks. These nominations will be judged on deep pedigrees, multi-generational ex-linear appraisals, with emphasis on DHIA, or barn production records. Only the best will be selected!

Early Deadline for Select Buck Applications – March 25

Veterinarian will be available on grounds to provide health papers for all Iowa animals.

ADGA member will be present to read pedigrees and make announcements.

Agents available day of sale to bid on behalf of buyers unable to attend

We now have a list of truckers who are authorized to haul out of state

Not responsible for theft or accidents.


Commission: 8%

Catalog advertising available, which can be deducted from sales along with commission fees.

No Show Penalty: Registered Animals – $25 Individual Animals – $15 Group – $10

* Exceptions made for death or disease only